“The worst thing was that when I had the chance to do something, I just stood there.”

Abby Johnson’s life completely changed in 2009 when she assisted with an ultrasound-guided abortion at the Planned Parenthood facility where she worked. Horrified by what she saw, she stepped down from her position and devoted her future to pro-life advocacy.

We had the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A with the former abortion clinic director and hear her incredible story of redemption at our Gather event September 30.

“We need to talk now about what we can do to be part of the solution,” Abby said. “It’s easy to get stuck in your past because that’s where the enemy wants you to live. But God wants your future.”

Abby now travels the world sharing her story with millions. She has also founded a nonprofit that assists abortion clinic staff who are seeking a life change.

“I realized that there was nothing I could do to make up for what I had done,” she said in response to one guest’s question. “But I also realized that because of the scandalous mercy of Jesus Christ, I didn’t have to.”

Our staff also took the opportunity to share a behind-the-scenes look at Grace House and discuss how the ministry has affected them personally.

“The stories we hear are often deep, difficult, and heart-wrenching,” shared Rosemary Boswell, our Grace House Pregnancy Center Coordinator. “These new moms and dads have experienced things I couldn’t even fathom. They come to us for help, but they are braver and stronger than they realize. I am fully aware that I may be one of the only examples of Christ’s love they experience in their day. I also have the privilege of visiting our new moms in the hospital, and I get to hold their newborn babies, often just a few hours old. I have held 19 newborn babies this year! I thought I would come to Grace House and be a part of changing lives, but it has been a life-changer for me.”

Because of the generosity of our amazing community, over $75,000 was raised to continue the life-affirming work of Grace House Ministries!

Many thanks to all who made the evening a success and for giving us the opportunity to share with you what God is doing through this ministry because of partnerships like yours.

Grace House Ministries provides free, life-affirming services to the community through three branches: Options Clinic offers free pregnancy testing and pregnancy verification under the medical direction of Dr. Lindsay McBride; Grace House Pregnancy Center offers free parenting classes where clients can earn credit to spend on clothes and formula; Pure Truth in-school training program sends volunteers into local schools to teach an abstinence-based curriculum and awards a scholarship every spring to a deserving high school senior.

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