Why we do what we do

There’s a 17-year-old first time mom who doesn’t have a support system to teach her the developmental stages of caring for a baby.

Grace House Ministries serves the community through three distinct branches of ministry. Options Clinic is our medical arm focusing on women and their partners who have just learned they may be pregnant. Grace House Pregnancy Center offers pregnancy, parenting, and life skills classes to parents from pregnancy through the toddler years. Pure Truth seeks to educate students in schools to make wise choices regarding their sexual health and many other important decisions and to equip students to be positive change agents among their peers. You can find more information about each of the branches of GHM at the links below.

The Options Clinic

Life is precious and every life matters. Through our clinic we have the opportunity to encourage clients in their life journey by providing accurate and up to date information concerning pregnancy.

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In the toughest of life’s moments, people need hope. Our caring staff impacts lives by providing a source of confidence through our pregnancy center and baby boutique.

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Pure Truth

Knowledge provides a sound basis for wise decision making. We provide accurate and clear information through our Pure Truth in-school training program to help students make healthy life choices.

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