Why we do what we do

There are young people of character and integrity that need to be rewarded for their leadership in their schools.

Today’s youth are bombarded with conflicting messages concerning love, relationships, and sexuality. With so many different messages, it is difficult to know what to believe is true. Making decisions based on inaccurate information can have life-long consequences.

Pure Truth in-school training program is a free service offered to local schools. Professionals volunteer their time to teach a wellness and sexual education program to middle school and high school students. The Pure Truth team strives to equip students with truth-bearing knowledge that will help them make wise and healthy life choices. In sharing foundational truths with students, the team hopes to demonstrate that life is not just worth living, but living well by making a positive impact on those within their spheres of influence.

The Program Addresses

  • High-Risk Behaviors
  • Emotional Needs
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Goal Setting

Schools That Have Participated in Pure Truth

  • Aledo Middle School
  • Aledo 9th Grade Center
  • Aledo High School
  • Brock Middle School
  • Brock High School
  • Graford High School
  • Millsap Middle School
  • Millsap High School
  • Peaster Middle School
  • Peaster High School
  • Poolville High School
  • Springtown High School
  • Trinity Christian Academy
  • Hall & Tison Middle Schools (Weatherford ISD)

If interested in having our Pure Truth team at your school, church, or camp please contact:


817-599-9080 Sandra Campbell


Pure Truth Scholarship

Our Pure Truth Scholarship is a character based scholarship for students who have been a positive change agent among their peers. This scholarship is awarded every spring to high school students in Parker County. If you would like to sponsor next year’s scholarship, please click here.

Sentiments From Pure Truth Students

“I learned past relationships can affect future relationships.”

“This experience really opened my eyes.”

“These instructors genuinely cared about this and gave great insight and actually changed the way I think.”

“These are the things I needed to know so I can make the best decisions.”

“This was an awesome program. I learned a lot and I’m very thankful these people took their time to inform us.”

“Thank you for caring.”

“You have made our lives better and safer.”