Our Executive Director, Charley, was cleaning out our marketing closet when he found a few aprons with the Grace House Ministries logo. These aprons had been placed into a small corner of the closet and our staff had no immediate use for them. Charley suggested to our Pregnancy Center Coordinator, Molly, that we hand out the aprons at our next food-related class, which happened to be the same day he found the aprons. The first apron that Molly presented was to our client named Abigail. Abigail let out a loud gasp. Through tears, Abigail told Molly that today was her grandmother’s birthday; the first birthday since she had passed. Abigail had been desperately asking her mom to find her grandmother’s apron for Abigail to have but, unfortunately, her mother had been unable to find it. Even though this Grace House apron was not her grandmother’s apron, Abigail was excited to receive it. She called her mother to tell her of the news of this apron. What we believed to be a random closet cleaning was in fact a divine appointment that led to filling an unknown need. Both Abigail and the entire Grace House staff had witnessed God’s provision. The apron is exactly what Abigail needed in her time of grief. It is with this situation and so many others that God is perfect in His timing.

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